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Listen to and engage your people like never before with templated employee feedback surveys, people analytics dashboards, and automated HR action plans.

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Lost productivity costs of a disengaged employee are equal to 19% of that employee's annual salary


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Survey-Building Simplified

Easily launch employee feedback surveys with preloaded templates via email, SMS, kiosk, and phone in 100+ languages.

Real-Time Insights

Get powerful employee experience data and insights with sentiment analysis, heat mapping, benchmarks, and filterable dashboards.

Automated Action Plans

Once you've collected your employee feedback survey results, review your people analytics and get automated HR action plans that suggest next steps.


“Our experience with People Element and the staff was outstanding. We were so pleased with the entire engagement survey process. The team led us through the process and the analytics were great. We are so happy with the results we’re gearing up for the next survey push.”

- HR Manager, Krones Inc.


Listen to your people at every step of their journey

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Engagement Surveys

Drive engagement levels in your workforce by giving your employees a voice. Learn more >

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Onboarding Surveys

Ask & listen to improve your new hire onboarding process. Learn more >

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Manager 360 Surveys

Enhance your manager’s skills and outcomes with 360 degree feedback. Learn more >

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Stay Interviews

Learn what motivates your employee and brings them value. Learn more >

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Well-Being Surveys

Check in on the mental, physical, and emotional health of your team. Learn more >

Solution card_diversity & inclusion

Diversity & Culture

Foster a culture that supports individuality and a fresh perspective. Learn more >

Solution card_exit-interviews

Exit Interviews

Understand the causes of employee turnover and how to retain your people. Learn more >

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Explore All Solutions

Our people management platform offers all the employee listening solutions you need. Learn more >

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